The Convenience of Mobile Therapy

We know that convenience matters for busy families. Our mobile therapy services ensure that your child receives personalized care in the comfort of their own home. This approach eliminates the need for travel and provides a familiar environment where your child can feel more at ease. At present, all of our children’s pelvic floor physiotherapy appointments are offered exclusively via mobile therapy.

Assessment: Our journey begins with a thorough assessment to understand your child’s needs, concerns, and medical history. We will talk with your child about their toileting habits and aim to determine the root cause of their concerns. We will also look at your child’s posture, mobility, and movement patterns. All of this information is combined to determine the most appropriate and efficient treatment course.

Personalized Treatment: Based on the assessment, we will work together to tailor a treatment plan that addresses your child’s specific challenges and goals. We know that goals will change as their symptoms change, so your treatment plan will adapt with your child and your family.

Gentle Techniques: Our approach to therapy involves gentle techniques that are suitable and comfortable for children. We believe in thorough, accurate, and comprehensive care that creates a sense of empowerment and learning for your child. Children’s pelvic floor physiotherapy should never feel scary, painful, or uncomfortable.

Support and Education: We empower both children and their families with age-appropraite education and tools to monitor and manage their conditions effectively. Children who are experiencing bowel or bladder problems typically are not at fault for these incidents – ensuring that the child knows this and understands what is happening and what can be done about it is of utmost importance to their recovery.

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